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  • The QS18 Expert Coaxial Clear Object Detection Sensor

    Fast. Reliable. Easy-to-Use.

    The QS18 Expert Coaxial Clear Object Detection sensor reliably detects clear and mirror-like surfaces. Featuring: Response speed of 400 µs ON/OFF, coaxial optics and small spot size for applications where space is limited, and Banner Engineering's new ClearTracking algorithm, which compensates for dust build-up and ambient temperature changes.

    QS18 Clear Object Detection

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    Reliable Detection of Clear Objects at Any Distance

    Short Sensor to Reflector Distances

    Coaxial sensor design benefit: short distances
    Polarized coaxial optics are optimized to detect small changes in light, even in short distances.

    Sense Through Small Apertures

    Coaxial sensor design benefit: small apertures
    Detect narrow space between bottles and reduce spot size with an aperture.

    Precise Leading Edge Detection

    Coaxial sensor design benefit: positional accuracy
    The coaxial design results in higher positional accuracy for high performance shiny object sensing.

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