Compact Type 4 Safety Light Curtains

Banner's new line of compact type 4 safety light curtains have a small profile for tight spaces, available in both basic and full-featured models. The highly visible alignment and diagnostic indicators make setup quick and easy.

The SLC4 and LP models are available in two resolutions for finger or hand detection. With an end-to-end sensing design (no-blind zone) and lengths from 160 to 1250 mm, Banner's compact type 4 safety light curtains are perfect for a wide variety of safety applications.

Serie SLC4 Cortinas de Seguridad Tipo 4 Compactas
Serie SLC4 Tipo 4 Muy Compacta para Aplicaciones Sencillas

Las SLC4 son nuestras cortinas de seguridad más cortas y compactas. Están diseñados para proteger los puntos de acceso y operación en máquinas de producción más pequeñas y equipos similares.

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Cortinas de Seguridad Low-Profile
Cortinas de Seguridad Low-Profile

El perfil compacto de ahorro de espacio, es ideal para máquinas pequeñas, pero lo suficientemente robusto como para satisfacer las demandas de prensas de gran potencia. Tiene en posición el primer y último haz para sensado continuo, incluyendo soporte de montaje lateral que no permiten ninguna zona "muerta".

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Cortinas de Seguridad Compactas Tipo 4 Serie LP Básica para Aplicaciones Simples
LP Básica Tipo 4 Compacta para Aplicaciones Simples

Cortinas de Seguridad rentables para aplicaciones simples que requieren un conjunto básico de características en una carcasa compacta que ahorra espacio.

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Introducing the SLC4 and LP Series of compact type 4 safety light screens from Banner Engineering.

This series of compact safety light screens provide the highest level of safety in a low-profile, compact design for smaller production machines and tight spaces where traditional light screens won’t fit.

All models come in two resolutions, for finger and hand detection. Additionally, they have end-to-end sensing design for full detection and no blind-zones.

Lengths range from 160 to 1250 millimeters to fit a wide range of applications.

Setup is made simple with highly visible alignment and diagnostic indicators, saving time and money on installation.

These light screens retain the rugged design you’ve come to expect from Banner Engineering.

The SLC4 and LP Basic models provide a cost-effective solution for simple applications.

The ultra-compact SLC4 has a sturdy interior aluminum housing with a polycarbonate enclosure.

The EZ-SCREEN LP Basic and LP have compact exterior aluminum housings.

For more advanced applications, the EZ-SCREEN LP is a fully featured model with a wide range of options and is available in cascading, integral muting and ESD safe models.

SLC4 and LP Series from Banner Engineering: Rugged safety light screens in a compact package.

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