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    1. Banner不斷擴大的即插即用型直線型轉換器、適配器和過濾器產品線解決寶貴的通訊資料轉換並簡化了接線。這些設備可直接連接到感測器或指示器並立即工作,無縫地合併到您的工廠應用中。

    2. VE智能攝像機為其全球客戶提供擴展的功能。Vision Manager軟體目前提供多種語言版本:英文、西班牙文、簡體中文、繁體中文、韓文、 德語、意大利語、法語和土耳其語。額外的語言支援可讓您更輕鬆地以原生語言進行程式設定與安裝。

    3. Features included in the latest version of Vision Manager software make it easy to integrate VE Series smart cameras into vision guided robotic (VGR) systems, correct distortions caused by camera perspective, and monitor inspections remotely.

    4. New models of K50 Pro touch buttons offer the same bright light output, ergonomic touch functionality, and robust housing as the rest of the line, now with the addition of vibration feedback when the button has been touched.

    5. The QCM50 color sensor provides reliable color verification across the entire range of the sensor, even in extremely challenging color- and contrast-based applications.

    6. The Wireless Solutions Kit for Temperature and Humidity makes it easy to monitor environmental conditions in multiple places from a convenient location.

    7. SI-RF Series safety switches utilize RFID technology to monitor doors, gates, and other movable mechanical safeguards that separate personnel and equipment from a hazard.

    8. The QS18 and Q20 Series of photoelectric sensors are now available in diffuse models with a small, visible spot for detecting the presence/absence of small features on a larger part.

    9. Banner Engineering’s new WLS27 segmented strip lights provide basic indication capabilities in a multicolor strip light and are available in several length and color combinations. Unlike WLS27 strip lights with EZ-STATUS®, the new WLS27 segmented models are meant specifically for indication purposes and are not intended for illumination.

    10. The Q130R radar sensor provides reliable detection of moving and stationary targets in harsh outdoor conditions. The graphical user interface makes the sensor easy to set up and provides precise control of sensor settings.

    11. SC10 Series safety controllers replace the functionality of two safety relay modules with one cost-effective device featuring an intuitive user interface and advanced diagnostics.

    12. TL50 Pro tower lights are now available in models compatible with Pro Editor software for in-field customization of colors and animations without requiring IO-Link communication. Like the previously released IO-Link models, the new Pro Editor models provide highly visible indication of dynamic machine statuses including warm-up, transitional states, material level, and more.

    13. The dual-color WLS15 low-profile strip light is a durable yet lightweight device that now has EZ-STATUS® capabilities for illumination and indication in one light fixture. These cascadable lights are a cost-effective alternative for machines or workstation bin and shelf lighting.

    14. SR-IM Series interface modules provide an interface between primary safety devices with External Device Monitoring (EDM) and the machines they safeguard.

    15. The SX5-B is a compact, easy-to-deploy safety laser scanner for area and access guarding within user-defined safety and warning zones.

    16. The DXM700 Wireless Controller is an industrial wireless controller that facilitates Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.