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  • Key Benefits

    Easy Setup for Rapid Deployment

    SI-RF Series safety switches work in easy-to-deploy pairs consisting of an RFID coded actuator and an RFID safety sensor. Users can connect a single sensor or up to 32 cascaded sensors using a standard 4-wire cable with quick disconnect M12 connectors, T-adapters, and an end plug. A single cascade chain uses only two terminals on a safety controller, freeing space to connect other devices.

    Maximize Machine Uptime

    In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) provides users with status and performance data from each sensor in a cascade chain. The collected data is sent to an IO-Link gateway and can be accessed with an HMI or similar device. Users receive notification when an event has occurred as well as where in the series the event occurred. Events can include the opening or closing of a door, wrong actuator taught, misalignment, and a range of additional system health attributes.

    Tamper Resistance for Any Application

    Low code models are an easy-to implement and easy-to-manage option for applications with a relatively low risk of tampering. A low code SI-RF sensor will detect any SI-RF actuator without being taught.

    High code models are very resistant to tampering. The sensor in this pair will work with one specific actuator at a time. An additional 11 actuators (for a total of 12) can be taught in succession and previously used actuators will no longer work.

    Unique code models offer the highest level of tamper resistance. The sensor and actuator in this pair will only work with each other. The RFID code is completely unique to that actuator and no additional actuators can be taught to the sensor.


    SI-RF Series RFID Safety Switches

    SI-RF Series safety switches provide the highest level of safety, are easy-to-use, and can be monitored and diagnosed remotely to help maximize machine uptime.

    Operates at the Highest Level of Safety (PL e)

    SI-RF Series safety switches achieve Category 4, PL e, or SIL CL 3 safety ratings alone or in a cascade chain. Outputs on each sensor in a cascaded series are continuously monitored to detect any faults, including short circuits. This design eliminates the possibility of fault masking at any point in the system.


    SI-RF Series RFID safety switches monitor door position on a case packer image

    SI-RF Series RFID safety switches deployed in a cascade chain monitor multiple doors on a case packer. The In-Series Diagnostics capability provides users with status and performance data from each sensor in the cascade chain. Learn more about this application.

    Versatile and easy-to-use, SI-RF Series safety interlock switches safeguard doors, gates, hatches, and similar moveable mechanical guards.

    • Compact, low-profile design fits easily in any space
    • Single and cascade models available to protect one or multiple entry points
    • Rugged, IP69 construction withstands exposure to high-pressure, high-temperature washdown common to food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications
    • High immunity to metal shavings and other ferrous objects that interfere with magnetic switches
    • High tolerance (10 mm) to misalignment and no moving parts enables reliable performance in challenging industrial environments where machine vibration and impact are possible
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