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  • Key Benefits

    Status Indication in a Highly Visible Strip Light

    WLS27 segmented strip lights feature bright, low-maintenance LEDs and are available in several length and color combinations:

    • Green/red models (available in either 285 mm or 570 mm lengths)
    • Green/yellow/red models (available in either 430 mm or 850 mm lengths)

    The strip lights are available with either a diffuse or heavy diffuse window. The heavy diffuse option provides softer, more uniform light that is more comfortable for operators working in close proximity to the device.

    Tower Light or Industrial Stoplight Alternative

    Like a traditional tower light, each segment of WLS27 segmented models can represent a different status. For example, in factory applications, a green segment can indicate that a machine is running smoothly, while a red segment can indicate a critical condition that requires attention. The bright light output and long length of the strip light generate highly visible indication that can be easily identified from a distance or at an angle. This makes it an ideal alternative to industrial stoplights that have a more limited viewing angle.

    Reliable Performance in Harsh Environments

    The rugged IP69K design provides reliable indication in a wide variety of conditions, including harsh outdoor environments. The sealed lights are constructed with sturdy aluminum frames in a shatterproof copolyester housing, making them resistant to wet environments, impact, and breakage. The housing also resists a variety of chemicals and cleaning agents for operation in a wider range of applications.

    Cascadable for Increased Visibility with No Additional Wiring

    Cascadable models of the WLS27 segmented strip light can display the same status on multiple devices simultaneously, which makes it even easier to see status changes even if an operator is looking down or away. Cascading also simplifies installation, eliminates additional wiring, and only requires power on one side of the application.  


    Clear Communication of Multiple Conditions Simultaneously

    Existing EZ-STATUS® models of the WLS27 strip lights provide illumination and indication in a single device, but they are limited to displaying one status at a time. In comparison, the new WLS27 segmented models can display multiple conditions simultaneously like a standard tower light. For example, in a drive-thru truck wash application, a green segment informs drivers that they need to pull their vehicle forward. When both a green segment and a yellow segment are on at the same time, drivers are aware that they should continue driving but should also use caution.


    Status Indication at Truck Wash Station Application Image

    The WLS27 segmented strip light directs traffic through an outdoor truck wash station while exposed to high-pressure water and cleaning agents.

    The WLS27 segmented strip light enables versatile indication and can be an excellent alternative to tower lights or stoplights in a wide variety of conditions, such as harsh environments. Ideal applications include: 

    • Indication at truck wash stations
    • Industrial dock door and loading dock equipment indication
    • Outdoor indication
    • Water-resistant indication
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    WLS27 Core Series Segmented
    WLS27 Core Series Segmented

    WLS27 Core Series segmented strip lights provide basic indication capabilities in a multicolor strip light and are available in several length and color combinations, resembling tower light indication.

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