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  • EZ-SCREEN® LS Light Curtain Product Overview [Video]

    Banner Engineering's EZ-SCREEN LS is an easy-to-use safety light screen system for machine safeguarding, built to withstand challenging environments common to both manufacturing and packaging.

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    LS 系列Type 4 簡易版安全光幕
    LS 系列Type 4 簡易版安全光幕

    直覺,簡單易用的安全光幕有14, 23 & 40mm 等許多型號,最高防護高度可達1820 mm (6 英呎),無使用盲區。高亮度的校準指示燈及直覺式的診斷碼顯示,讓設定變的容易,並滿足機械製造商多樣的需求,增加產品的附加價值。

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    Video Transcript

    Introducing Banner’s new EZ-SCREEN® LS.

    The rugged, feature rich, easy-to-use safety light screen.

    The EZ-SCREEN® LS has intuitive bi-color alignment indicators to help identify the location of the obstruction of one or more blocked beams and overall alignment.

    The end-to-end sensing design allows for no “blind zone” mounting.

    No software or DIP-switch configuration makes set up quick and easy, but also very flexible with a popular value-rich features to solve demanding applications.

    The narrow window is recessed 5 mm to avoid damage from impact.

    With metal endcaps, thick aluminum housing and pigtail M12 QD or removable disconnect cordsets, the EZ-SCREEN LS provides industry leading durability.

    The EZ- SCREEN® LS is also rated IP65 and IP67 for use in harsh conditions.

    The EZ-SCREEN® LS takes advantage of automatic cascading configuration for a quick and easy installation of cascade systems and allow the user to combine up to four pairs of light curtains by simply connecting the sensors together.

    Choose from three resolutions with a range of up to 12 m to fit any safety solutions you may need.

    Additionally, there are several EZ-Light options which provide bright 360° indication of receiver status.

    Even with a simple design, the EZ-SCREEN® LS is feature rich including easy interfacing to safety PLCs, low power consumption and flexible wiring schemes that allow emitter and receiver positions to be interchanged for simpler installation and easier troubleshooting.

    The EZ-SCREEN® LS, a lean and simple solution for your safe guarding needs.

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    EZ-SCREEN® LS [影片]


    BANNER Engineering的EZ-SCREEN LS是一種用於機器防護的簡單易用的安全光幕,可承受製造和包裝業內普遍存在的挑戰性環境。

    2 分鐘  2 秒 


    向您介紹BANNER全新EZ-SCREEN® LS安全光幕。


    EZ-SCREEN® LS光幕直覺式的雙色校準指示燈,有助於辨別一個或多個光束被阻斷的位置並進行整體安裝位置的調整。



    狹窄的 5 mm內嵌式視窗,可避免外力直接撞擊造成感測視窗的破損。

    全金屬端點,堅固的鋁擠型外殼和M12 pigtail快速接頭或可分離式電纜,EZ-SCREEN LS安全光幕提供給您領先業界的堅固耐用標準。

    EZ- SCREEN® LS光幕環境防護等級達到IP65和IP67,可在極端的應用環境下正常使用。

    透過EZ-SCREEN® LS安全光幕可自動完成串聯設定的特性,可快速輕鬆地完成安全光幕串聯防護系統的安裝,操作人員只要直接將四組光幕直接串連起來就能完成安裝。


    此外,搭配數種EZ-Light指示燈系統,可從360° 查看安全光幕的工作狀態。

    雖然EZ-SCREEN® LS安全光幕是為簡化使用者的操作體驗而開發,但內建的各項強大功能也不簡單,包括與所有種類的PLC輕鬆連接,低功耗、靈活的配線可直接將光幕的發射端和接收端互換位置,讓產品安裝及故障排除前所未有的方便。

    EZ-SCREEN® LS安全光幕,一個能滿足您安全防護需求的簡潔解決方案。