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  • LM Series Laser Measurement Sensor [Video]

    The LM Series compact precision laser measurement sensor is a durable and extremely precise sensor that provides reliable measurements in real-world applications. Watch the video to learn more about the LM laser measurement sensor and RSD remote sensor display.

    LM 系列高精準度雷射量測感測器
    LM 系列高精準度雷射量測感測器

    LM150 高精準度雷射量測感測器提供同級最佳性能表現,能在實際應用中提供穩定的表現,並有著精巧的外型以及簡單易用的使用者體驗。

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    支援多種感測器系列的 RSD 遠端感測器螢幕
    支援多種感測器系列的 RSD 遠端感測器螢幕

    遠端感測器螢幕 (RSD) 可用來搭配特定的感測器系列使用,從遠端的教導設定,能夠協助使用者快速地切換生產線或汰換故障的感測器。

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    Introducing the new LM150, a compact precision laser measurement sensor from Banner Engineering.

    The LM series of lasers offers best in class performance with increased stability, reliability and precision.

    The LM150 has a range of up to 150 mm and .004 mm resolution to reliably measure a variety of colors and shiny targets.

    The compact housing can fit in small spaces and is made of 316 stainless steel and IP67 rated to provide repeatable detection even in harsh environments.

    The thermally stable design resists temperature changes and the superior mounting stability allows the LM150 to perform more accurately in the toughest work environments. Banner’s LM sensor provides high precision measurements regardless of temperature changes.

    Pairing the LM150 with the optional RSD1 helps provide easy set-up, recipe control and configuration storage.

    The RSD1 has a two-line, eight-character intuitive display and uses the same interface as the LE and LTF.

    The unit has a pigtail quick disconnect connector and can store up to 6 configurations to provide fast product changeover and device replacement for a variety of Banner sensors.

    The new LM150 from Banner Engineering. Precise measurement in the toughest environments.

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