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  • SI-RF Series RFID Safety Switches

    SI-RF Series safety switches utilize RFID technology to monitor doors, gates, and other movable mechanical safeguards that separate personnel and equipment from a hazard. Watch the video to learn more about the features and advanced capabilities offered by these non-contact safety devices.

    SI-RF Series RFID Safety Switches

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    Safeguarding workers from hazardous machine motion often requires hard guards like fences and doors, but barriers alone are not enough; workers may still be able to enter unsafe areas, putting themselves and production at risk.

    SI-RF safety switches from Banner Engineering provide the highest level of safety, are easy-to-use, and can be monitored and diagnosed remotely to help maximize machine uptime.

    Non-contact SI-RF safety switches use RFID technology to sense when doors are opened or closed.

    The switches feature In-Series Diagnostics, a communication protocol that provides previously-inaccessible data from safety equipment.

    Simply cascade each safety switch together in series; device data can be collected and transmitted to IO-Link by our
    ISD-to-IO-Link Converter, and accessed remotely via HMI, PLC, or other mobile devices.

    Operators can be alerted when and where a door is tripped, making it fast and easy to locate the fault and reset the safety system.

    When a fault is detected, the tripped switch and all subsequent switches will blink in cascade, providing a clearly-defined path back to the fault for faster reset.

    Users can easily mount and cascade up to thirty-two SI-RF safety switches in series using cost-effective four-wire cables to create a robust, easy-to-use safety system with minimal installation and maintenance requirements.

    Achieve the highest level of safety, deploy your safety system quickly, and enable remote diagnostics and monitoring with SI-RF safety switches from Banner Engineering.