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  • How To Use Tower Lights to Gather Production Data for IIoT

    Watch the video to learn how adding a wireless communication segment to your existing TL70 tower light can turn a standard indicator into a data-gathering hub for IIoT applications.

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    TL70 Series 70mm Modular LED Tower Light Indicator
    TL70 系列 70mm 模組化 LED 塔燈


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    TL70塔燈的各段以各種單色和多色模組,以及可調蜂鳴器的形式提供。模組提供極大的靈活性,可根據需要進行 客製化。

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    Your TL70 tower lights already provide bright, clear local indication, but what if they could also provide machine status remotely?

    What if they could collect status data over time and make it available for analysis and process improvement later?

    Do all of this and more with the TL70 Wireless Communication Segment from Banner Engineering.

    Installation is fast and easy: simply twist off the bottom of your existing TL70 and attach the communication segment to the base.

    Bind to the network, and reassemble. Your standard indicator is now transformed into a data gathering hub.

    To improve the productivity of your operation your tower light can now gather previously inaccessible data, and when paired with the DXM100 controller, turn it into actionable intelligence.

    The communication segment can be used to monitor tower light status, enable remote monitoring and control, and facilitate data collection and more – all while providing the same bright, local indication you’ve come to know and trust.

    Access machine status from anywhere, collect production data over time, and gain the advantages of remote monitoring and IIoT solutions today.

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