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    MAXI-BEAM Series Image
    MAXI-BEAM Series Image
    MAXI-BEAM Series Sensor Head Image
    MAXI-BEAM Series Logic Module Image
    MAXI-BEAM Power Block Image


    • Features modular design for easy exchange of all sensing components and wiring logic
    • Offers interchangeable ac or dc power blocks
    • Available in opposed, polarized and non-polarized retroreflective, diffuse, convergent, fixed-field, and glass or plastic fiber optic sensing modes
    • Features interchangeable sensing heads with 90° increment rotation
    • Offers choice of optional output timing logic modules with programming ring for added output timing control
    • Resists dirt, dust and moisture, with quad-ring sealed components
    • Features Banner Engineering's Alignment Indicating Device (AID) for indication of signal strength
    • Provides 15-turn potentiometerfor manual adjustment of sensitivity
    • Range up to 90m
    • Logic modules offer ON-delay, OFF-delay, ON/OFF-delay, One Shot and Delayed One Shot output switching logic, depending on model
    • Logic modules also offer 0.01 to 1, 0.5 to 15 or 0.1 to 1 delay, depending on model
    • Power blocks plug into required RWB4 wiring base
    • Power blocks also feature two LED indicators for output and input status


    Literatura Técnica

    MAXI-BEAM Series: Sensor Heads, Power Blocks
    20 Jun 2022
    Ficha de Dados Técnicos
    MAXI-BEAM Series Sensor Heads
    MAXI-BEAM Series Sensor Heads
    2 Mar 2022
    Ficha de Dados Técnicos