Detecção de Veículos

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Aprenda sobre 5 tecnologias de ponta para a detecção de veículos e como combinar a melhor opção para sua aplicação.

Combine a Tecnologia Certa com a Sua Aplicação

The ability to reliably detect vehicles offers significant advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety, and traffic control. To identify the right technology for your vehicle detection application, many factors must be taken into consideration, including task, size of target, sensing range, sensor mounting, and whether the application is primarily indoor or outdoor.

A Banner Engineering fornece muitas soluções com e sem fio para a detecção de veículos, e fazemos parceria com você para combinar a tecnologia certa com sua aplicação

Soluções para Detecção de Veículos

There are many different types of technologies that can be used for vehicle detection, but each application is unique and some may require more than one sensing method to achieve the required level of precision. Vehicle detection solutions from Banner Engineering utilize a range of sensing technologies and can be used with our wireless products to simplify deployments in large areas or where wired infrastructure is not practical or cost-effective. Choose your application type below to learn more about available solutions. 



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