Registration Mark, Color and Luminescence Sensors

Registration mark sensors, also known as color contrast sensors, act as a color detector by identifying subtle color contrasts to inspect registration marks, using one, two or three color LEDs.

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  1. QC50 Series True Color Sensor

    Color sensors accurately analyze color to color, or varying intensities of one color. Feature easy-to-set programming for one, two or three colors.

  2. Q26 Series Compact Luminescence Sensor

    Compact, cost-effective luminescence sensor for error proofing and luminescence mark detection. Uses UV light to sense contrast in material or surface.

  3. QL56 Series Rugged Housing Luminescence Sensor

    Detects luminescent plastics, coatings, lubricants, and marks on reflective surfaces. IP67-rated aluminum housing for use in industrial environments.

  4. R58 Series Registration Mark Sensor

    Detects subtle color contrasts in common product and material registration applications found in printing, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries.

  5. R55F Series Fiber Optic Registration Mark Sensor

    Advanced fiber optic color-mark sensor for the toughest color contrasts, available with white, blue, green or infrared LED.