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  1. IIoT is perhaps the biggest buzzword in factory automation today, and it is a key aspect of Industry 4.0 Learn how the Internet of Things can increase efficiencies for your business.

  2. Download this whitepaper to learn about 5 common sensing technologies for vehicle detection, to understand the advantages and important considerations, and how to combine methods.

  3. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has significantly impacted food manufacturers with new regulations meant to ensure a safe food chain. This article describes the new challenges manufacturers are facing as well as the key benefits of choosing smart sensor technologies for food processing applications.

  4. This article describes how wireless technology provides users with remote monitoring capabilities on the field device level and explains how this data can be used to help improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  5. Customize your Banner DXM100 and wireless nodes using these configuration files and by following the Vibration Monitoring Solutions Guide.

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Guias de Solução Sem Fio
Guias de Solução Sem Fio

Configurations for common applications using wireless products.

Manuais de Produtos Sem Fio
Manuais de Produtos Sem Fio

Technical features and instructions of a product or product family.

Notas Técnicas Sem Fio
Notas Técnicas Sem Fio

Instructions for configuring your wireless network to perform a task.