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  • Voltar

  • R55 & R55E Series



    • Detects the most difficult color mark contrasts, including 20% yellow on white
    • Features two lens positions and a choice of sensing image orientations
    • Available with a green, blue, red or white LED
    • Offers easy push-button setup with remote programming capability for R55 Expert models
    • Features 10-element display indicator for easy and fast setup
    • Tolerates a ±3 mm shift from the 10 mm focal point to accommodate web flutter and similar variations in target location
    • Provides a sensing image that measures 1.2 x 3.8 mm at 10 mm from the lens
    • Detects very small and inconspicuous color marks with a small sensing image and fast 50 microsecond response time
    • Provides 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with bipolar NPN or PNP outputs
    • Includes a 0-10 mA analog output for indication of signal strength