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  • PTL110 Series Pick-to-Light Devices [Video]

    The PTL110 is a multifunctional pick-to-light indicator with flexible pick functionality that creates a powerful picking system. Watch the video to learn more about the versatile PTL110 pick-to-light devices.

    Versatile PTL110 Series Pick-to-Light Indicators

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    Dispositivos Pick-to-Light Escaláveis e Versáteis da Série PTL110
    Dispositivos Pick-to-Light Escaláveis e Versáteis da Série PTL110

    Os dispositivos pick-to-light PTL110 são flexíveis e escaláveis para uma ampla variedade de aplicações. Com tempos de resposta rápidos e opções de instalação flexíveis, os sistemas PTL110 melhoram a velocidade, a produtividade e a qualidade em coleta, montagem de kits e aplicações relacionadas.

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    Introducing the new PTL110 series of scalable, versatile Pick-to-Light devices from Banner Engineering.

    These multifunctional indicators with available touch button, optical sensor, and three-digit display can be connected in series to create a powerful picking system.

    Customizable indication and display provide users with multiple ways to provide clear work instructions.

    The PTL110 devices are powered by PICK-IQ®, a serial protocol designed to ensure fast response speed and simple communication even in large systems.

    Solve more applications with flexible pick functionality, perfect for pick-to-light, put-to-light and kitting applications.

    PTL110 devices can be paired with the DXM700 controller to monitor production and inventory levels or with serial radios for mobile applications like carts.

    With multiple, simple mounting options to choose from, installation is quick and easy, helping to reduce system costs and installation time.

    Improve productivity and quality with the PTL110 series Pick-to-Light solution from Banner Engineering.