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  • Sure Cross Wireless Solutions Keep Your Network and Data Secure [Video]

    A secure wireless solution not only protects your network, it will also ensure both data security and data integrity.  Learn how Sure Cross wireless solutions from Banner Engineering keep your network and data safe.

    Sure Cross Wireless Solutions Keep Your Network and Data Secure

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    建立一點對多點無線網路,以在大區域上分配I/O。輸入和輸出類型包括數位訊號(幹觸點,PNP/NPN)、類比(0至10 V直流,0至20 mA)、溫度(熱電偶和RTD)以及脈衝計數器。

    Product Details

    Video Transcript

    Your network is where your data and processes live, so keeping that network safe and functioning is essential. The Sure Cross wireless system from Banner Engineering is built with security and stability in mind.

    Unlike Wi-Fi or other open wireless formats, Sure Cross can be trusted to keep intruders out. Sure Cross uses a proprietary communication protocol unique to Sure Cross radios. The radios bind together and only accept data from one another.

    Sure Cross radios are only capable of transmitting generic sensor data; they cannot route data packets or receive malicious web pages or executable files. Not only does this make knowledge of your underlying network obscure, it makes it impossible for content to be forced into your system.

    Keeping intruders out is critical, and keeping your information in is just as important. Sure Cross networks provide several layers of data security. When a Sure Cross node is bound to a gateway, the gateway supplies the node a table of transmission frequencies.

    Each time a message is sent, a new frequency is used, making it virtually impossible for anyone eavesdropping to reconstruct a message. Even if someone were able to re-assemble a message, all they would find are generic sensor values stored as strings of 16-bit numbers. No reference to the network or what is being measured is ever sent.

    But protecting from external threats is only half the battle; equipment noise and changing environments can corrupt or drop signals. Through the Sure Cross network binding process, gateways and remote nodes continuously monitor the health of their wireless link.

    They do this with built-in algorithms that acknowledge and error check all communications. If interference corrupts or drops a message, the receiver will request the message to be resent. The node will re-send the message until the gateway acknowledges it arrived intact. This ensures you always have accurate data you can trust.

    Protect your network, keep your data secure, and ensure data integrity with Sure Cross wireless solutions from Banner.