Automotive: Paint Solutions

  1. LED Lights Illuminate Control Cabinet

    An equipment manufacturer builds test and measurement machinery for the auto industry. Operators access machine systems through the control cabinet. Intense illumination of the cabinet facilitates machine maintenance and management. Multiple AC powered fluorescent light fixtures had been used for this task.

  2. Superior Light Distribution with LEDs [Success Story]

    American Hoffmann Corporation chose WLB32 LED light bars to illuminate work areas, enclosures and control cabinets, replacing fluorescent light fixtures. The superior light distribution offered by the WLB32 LED lights lights, as well as the ease of installation were key factors in the company's decision.

  3. Vision Sensor to Read QR Codes [Success Story]

    Prior to installation, engines and transmissions are coupled together on the assembly line. A worker using a hand held bar code reader scans the QR code on each transmission. The codes are small, have minimal quiet zones and are dense with embedded information. Additionally, the bar code readers have a limited range. Combined, these factors made scanning the QR codes difficult, adding time to the assembly process and diverting labor resources.