Paint Tunnel Inspection in Motor Vehicle Manufacturing


Challenge: Illumination during Final Inspection

In a recent automotive application, operators were complaining of eye strain when inspecting vehicles in the paint tunnel. The lights that they had originally installed were dull and difficult to manage. Scratches and marks on the raw materials were missed during final inspection, causing delays in production. The warehouse manager wanted a light to reduce worker fatigue, eliminate defects, and allow proper inspection.

Solution: Installation of WLB72 Inspection Lights

The manager installed a configuration of 4’ and 8’ WLB72 Inspection Lights cascaded along the ceiling of the paint booth tunnel. The lights came fully assembled and in one piece for simple installation. With its illuminated light in the middle, the Banner light created light and dark sections in a “zebra pattern” on the car surface to aid in the surface inspection. Workers were able to see the surface defects in the paint without issue. Focus beam provided even further detailed inspection. The black edges on the WLB72 Inspection shielded workers from direct contact with the light when looking down the length of the tunnel.

With the WLB72 Inspection providing high quality illumination, they were able to tell if the vehicle needed additional work to ensure the highest quality paint finish. It became the preferred solution for workers in the paint tunnel due to its worker usability and lessened eye strain.

Key Benefits of the WLB72 Inspection LED Light Bar

Bright, uniform illumination

The WLB72 Inspection is a high-efficacy task light used for industrial work areas. It is simple to install, can be cascaded, and comes fully assembled. The bright, uniform output of the WLB72 reduces shadows, improves visibility, and gives workers the light they need to work efficiently and without making mistakes. While diffuse-even light can hide objects, the focused beam of the WLB72 enables workers to see contrast. The bright, focused white light of the WLB72 Inspection improves worker productivity and has a low cost of ownership.

Energy-efficient, cost-effective design

The WLB72 Inspection has powder-coat finish for increased durability. It is ideal for industrial applications because it is rated for shock and vibration. The WLB72 comes fully assembled for faster installation and lower shipping costs. Integrated mounting options and add-on brackets meet a wide variety of application requirements.


WLB72 inspection lights are ideal in industries that require uniform illumination, such as automotive, material handling, and general manufacturing. These bright lights improve safety, productivity, and quality in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Assembly line inspection for surface inspection
  • Offline inspection stations
  • Inspection lighting  
WLB72 Series LED Strip Light for Work Areas
WLB72 Series LED Strip Light for Work Areas

The WLB72 strip light enhances overall visibility, improves worker productivity, and reduces energy costs in a variety of applications requiring bright, uniform illumination.

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