Barcode Reading

Barcode Reading

Application: Identify pallet load and confirm that it is ready to ship

Challenges: Different types of barcodes are used

Solution: Banner Engineering's iVu Barcode Reader

Benefits: Decodes a variety of codes including DataMatrix

As pallets are loaded and shrink wrapped, a shipping label with a barcode is attached. This barcode identifies the pallet load and notifies the WMS system that the pallet is ready for shipping.


The iVu BCR barcode reader scans pallets as they are loaded, identifying that pallets are complete. This ensures that operators know what truck or warehouse location the completed pallet will be directed.

After the iVu BCR barcode reader verifies the pallet, the pallet is taken to the warehouse for storage or loading dock for shipment.

Banner Engineering’s iVu BCR barcode reader decodes a variety of barcodes, including DataMatrix, Code 128, Code 39, Codabar and many more. The setup is simple with easy configuration, by installing, acquiring image and setting the inspection parameters. The iVu barcode reader has a compact, rugged housing available with or without an integrated ring light in red, white or infrared.

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iVu BCR Series Barcode Reader
iVu BCR Series Barcode Reader

The iVu BCR combines advanced barcode reading capabilities with ease of use and is available with a wide range of lens and lighting options.

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