Workstation and Area Lighting

workstation lighting

Bright, Even Lighting Where You Need It Most

Operators need bright illumination in workstations to accurately and efficiently complete tasks. Workstation and area lighting solutions from Banner Engineering provide bright LED illumination and feature intensity control options that allow operators to adjust light level and switch the light off when they are done.

The bright, even light output with no hot spots increases worker productivity and ergonomics and provides illumination exactly where needed. In addition, our high performance LED lights provide years of maintenance-free operation, with no bulb or ballast changes required throughout the lifespan of the device

Challenges of Workstation and Area Lighting

illumination in a robotic work cell
Proper Lighting Improves Quality and Productivity

Workstations and other work areas often have structures around them--such as shelving or hard guarding--that obstruct overhead lights and result in a dim workspace.

Even without obstructions, overhead lighting is often insufficient to illuminate detailed tasks and processes.  Lack of proper lighting can increase the risk of operator error, as well as lead to eye strain and operator fatigue, which reduce quality and productivity.

Installing bright LED lights at a workspace can help achieve the right amount of concentrated light to complete tasks quickly and accurately while improving worker ergonomics and comfort.

Keep reading to learn more about how LED lights can solve a variety of illumination challenges throughout your facility, or contact us to discuss your specific illumination needs.

Solutions for Workstation and Area Lighting

workstation lighting
Workstation Lighting

Adjust Illumination to the Task and Worker

Operators need bright, even illumination to accurately and efficiently complete tasks, such as inspections and assembly.  Each task and operator require different levels of light. 

The table shows recommended lux levels for different applications and ages of workers. Use a lux meter to determine lux levels to help ensure your illumination levels are sufficient for the space, task, and people.  

Application Lux Ages 25-65  Lux Ages 65+
Warehouse 100 200
Work area 150 300
General assembly 1,000 2,000
Detailed assembly 2,000 4,000
Fine inspection 5,000 10,000

Source: Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).  

low bay lighting
Low Bay Lighting

Illuminate Large Areas with Fewer Devices

  • Getting consistent lighting across a large area can be challenging with traditional fluorescent lighting.
  • To light up a large warehouse or similar area, a bright LED lighting can provide an efficient, low-maintenance solution.
  • The heavy-duty, energy-saving WLB92 from Banner Engineering provides an exceptionally bright lighting solution that provides consistent lighting across a warehouse.
  • Since the WLB92 is so bright and gives a uniform output, fewer lights are needed in total, helping reduce the overall cost of lights and installation time.
low bay lighting
amber lights in a clean room illuminate photosensitive processes
Photosensitive Applications

Safely Illuminate Photosensitive Processes

  • Some applications are photosensitive, which means that white light can damage materials in the process.  Colored light can be used to illuminate these applications without damage.
  • For example, photolithography involves transferring a pattern from a mask to a substrate using a photosensitive polymer known as a photoresist. An undeveloped photoresist is sensitive to white light, especially blue wavelengths (400 nm) emitted from fluorescent bulbs and specific LEDs. 
  • When the color is achieved with phosphor-converted LEDs, the yellow light can also be problematic. Phosphor-converted LEDs produce the color by coating blue LEDs with phosphor coating and therefore still emit a percentage of blue wavelengths.
  • However, the WLS15 amber models are safe for photosensitive applications because they are composed of non-phosphor converted LEDs (AlInGaP). These LEDs have a spectral output >560 nm and a blue wavelength content of <0.35%.  

Featured Products

WLB32 LED workstation light
WLB32 Series

Adjustable LED Workstation Light

Banner’s WLB32 is a bright LED fixture that features an even light output to eliminate glare.

  • Energy efficient for overall cost savings
  • High/Low/Off switch allows users to customize light levels
  • Available as cascadable models for a continuous length of lighting, with a minimum of wiring
  • Metal housing, shatterproof window
  • Easy installation with snap clips, or a choice of magnetic or angle brackets
  • Available in AC or DC models
  • Available in 285 mm, 570 mm, 850 mm or 1130 mm
  • Motion detection models are ideal for locations that cannot use a physical switch or where the placement of the switch is not useful
  • Models featuring an eye shield window block direct line of sight to the domed window to increase eye comfort
WLS15 low profile, low power LED strip light
WLS15 Series

Low Profile, Low Power LED Strip Light

A low-profile strip light with a sleek design used to enhance visibility in a broad range of applications for workspaces and machines.

  • High Intensity models available with double the lumens of standard (24 V dc only)
  • Low-profile design for easy installation in tight spaces
  • 12 or 24 V dc operation in standard and dual color models
  • Completely sealed with an IP67 rating for use in wet or dusty environments
  • The rugged construction and polycarbonate shell resists shock and vibration while remaining lightweight
  • LED lighting technology saves energy and minimizes replacement costs
  • Draws less current than other lights for a low power device and high energy savings
  • Offers stability in the presence of line voltage fluctuations
  • Dual-color models with EZ-STATUS® combine illumination and indication in one light fixture
WLS15 low profile, low power LED strip light
WLB92 Ultrabright LED strip light

WLB92 Series

Ultra-Bright LED Strip Light

The WLB92 is an ultra-bright LED fixture with an even light output which provides bright task lighting, enabling increased productivity.

  • Increase worker productivity and ergonomics with bright, high-quality, uniform light
  • Durable light stands up in your environment with a rugged metal housing and shatterproof light cover
  • No maintenance time or cost with long-life, energy-efficient LEDs
  • Flexibility to place light where needed with ac and dc models
  • Easy installation with a variety of mounting options: surface, swivel, snap and hanging brackets
  • Available in white, warm white, blue, red, yellow and green

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