Wireless Call for Parts

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Application: Real-time communication for call for parts

Challenges: Space makes wiring difficult, harsh industrial workspace

Solution: TL70 Wireless Modular Tower Light and K50 Touch Button

Benefits: High visibility, wireless communication, and robust housing

Operators need the correct supplies in order to build products and maintain a smooth workflow. Restocking assembly stations on-time, before components run out without overstocking and creating congestion at a station is a challenge. Real-time communication between assemblers and the forklift operators who stock their stations would enable more efficient delivery of components as well as the timely removal of completed products.


A system of Banner Engineering’s TL70 wireless modular tower lights and K50 touch buttons provides an efficient, easy way to communicate a call for more parts with a forklift driver. When a workstation is almost out of cartons, the operator touches the ergonomic K50 touch button which changes the status on the connected TL70 wireless tower light to red. This sends a signal to a Banner Gateway on a forklift which changes the status on the TL70 wireless tower light on the forklift to red, alerting the driver to deliver a pallet of cartons to the appropriate location.

After the forklift truck driver unloads the flat cartons at the correct station and loads any product for removal, the workstation operator presses the K50 touch button again, signaling that the cartons were delivered. This sends a signal to the Gateway on the forklift which changes the status on the TL70 on the forklift. Banner’s TL70 wireless tower lights paired with K50 touch buttons enable status monitoring on the factory floor, providing bright, highly visible indication while maintaining an efficient call for parts process.

The tower light can be viewed from all angles and appears gray when off, avoiding false indication from ambient light. The TL70 tower light indicator has a robust build with an IP65 rating, ideal for industrial use. With a modular design, the TL70 light can be customized as needed, changing positions in the field depending on application needs. Customization, high visibility indication and wireless communication make the TL70 wireless tower light an effective call for parts solution, ideal for connecting assemblers with the mobile assets that supply them.

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