Wireless Reference Library

  1. These guides detail common applications built around the DXM100 Wireless Controller and a range of Banner wireless products.

  2. Videos provide information on wireless solutions, how to demo the product, and guidelines for configuration and installation.

  3. Technical notes provide instructions that enable you to configure your wireless network to perform a specific task or complete a specific application.

  4. Instruction manuals provide the technical features of a product or product family, instructions on how the product works, and guidelines for configuration and installation.

  5. Learn more about wireless technology, wireless networks, radio, antenna performance, and the evolution of wireless sensor networks.

  6. Wireless software provides an easy-to-use interface that enables users to setup their wireless networks, view Modbus register data, view sensor data, and troubleshoot their networks.

  7. These DXM configuration files provide basic functions to the DXM Wireless Controller which enable the user to try out simple tasks, including a starter configuration file that has several examples of functions and operational aspects of the DXM.