Work Light Strips for Bright Cabinet Illumination

Work Light Strips for Bright Cabinet Illumination Image

Application: Lighting for a work enclosure

Challenges: Limited space and limited access to power sources

Solution: The WLS28-2 LED Work Light Strip

Benefits: Cascadable, can fit into work cabinet

Work areas and enclosures need bright, even illumination for tasks such as component installation, maintenance and monitoring. Setup and installation of proper cabinet illumination can be challenging when workstations have limited space and limited access to power sources. An operator needs an extremely bright, ergonomic light source in order to wire relays and perform other maintenance tasks.


Banner Engineering's WLS28-2 Work Light Strips provide numerous energy-efficient solutions for illuminating work areas and enclosure interiors with intense, long-lasting and durable cool white light. These LED lighting strips not only provide even, extremely bright cabinet illumination, but they also conveniently fit in the enclosure and can be plugged into any local power source.

These LED work lights are the perfect switch from fluorescent lighting because they help reduce energy costs and have a much longer working life than fluorescents at 50,000 hours or more. The work lights are also more directional than fluorescents, providing illumination exactly where it’s needed.

Cabled or quick-disconnect models with several mounting options allow for easy installation and convenient cascading of lights to meet a user’s needs. The lights are also available in diffuse or non-diffuse and have ON/OFF switch and non-switch models available. In this application, an ON/OFF switch could be used for the overhead light so the operator can easily switch it off when the cabinet is not being used.

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