Safely Start and Stop Machines


Safety and Indication for Machine Start/Stop

Operators must be able to safely start machine processes as well as safely stop them in an emergency using a variety of safety-rated devices including emergency stop buttons, rope pulls, and two hand control devices.  

Banner Engineering combines ergonomic safety-rated devices with LED indication for a more intuitive user experience and at-a-glance visual management of your safety systems.  Keep reading to learn about the different types of safe operator interfaces. 

Introduction to Safe Operator Interfaces

What are Safe Operator Interfaces?

Emergency stop buttons (or e-stops) and rope pulls ensure safe stops in emergencies.  E-stops are mechanical buttons that must be pressed with force to actuate.  Pressing an e-stop, or pulling the rope on a rope pull, will immediately stop hazardous motion of the machine.  

Two hand controls are devices that initiate machine processes, for example when operating a mechanical power press.  The operator must have one hand on each control before the machine will safely start, and the machine will continue operation only as long as both hand controls are actuated.  This ensures that the operator's hands are away from the point of operation during the entire time the machine is moving.  

Please note: The information on this page is meant for educational purposes only and is accurate as of the time of publication. Always consult a safety expert about your specific application before implementing any machine safety measures.

3 Ways to Safely Start and/or Stop Machinery

Emergency Stop Buttons

Illuminated Base Quickly Identifies Pressed Button

With traditional e-stops, it can be time-consuming to determine exactly which button was pressed, and typically an emergency stop condition requires a reset of all e-stop buttons on a line.  To solve this challenge, illuminated e-stops have an LED base that can be configured to change from yellow to flashing red when pushed. The colored lights n the e-stop base provide easy visual indication of armed button, pushed button, or system status.

This makes it easy to quickly see the status of all estops at a glance and instantly identify an actuated button. The faster the response to the stop condition, the more quickly the machine can be restarted, reducing unplanned downtime.  lluminated e-stops can also reduce commissioning time and costs due to the ability to series connect the e-stops to a safety controller. This not only reduces cable costs and wiring time, but also reduces the number of inputs used at the safety controller.

Rope Pulls and Domed Indicators

Quickly Identify Pull Rope with LED Indicator

Rope pull switches run along the length of a conveyor so the operator can grab and pull it from anywhere to immediately stop the conveyor. When the rope is pulled, it can often be difficult to locate the safety device in need of reset. To help the operation to return to normal quickly, a LED domed indicator can be mounted to the housing of rope pull switches for fast identification of the unit that was activated.

Spans of rope range from 6 m to 100 m, providing the flexibility to safeguard long or short conveyors.  Rope pull switches from Banner are also made with heavy-duty thermoplastic housing for use in demanding industrial settings.

Two Hand Control Run Bar

Start, Stop, and Indication Functions in One Ergonomic Solution

A run bar combines two hand control devices, e-stops, and indicators into a convenient ergonomic solution for operating machinery.  The two-hand control system makes the operator a “hostage” while the hazard is present, preventing the operator from putting their hands in the way of the hazard.

Two hand control actuators must be located in a way that hazardous motion is completed or stopped before the operator can release one or both of the buttons and reach the hazard. 

Featured Products

Illuminated Emergency Stop Button

Ergonomic Design, Intuitive Visual Management

Patented 30 mm mounting base enables easy installation and hookup with no assembly, individual wiring or additional enclosure required.

  • Reduces intensive labor costs with a fully enclosed E-Stop button ready for installation
  • Multiple buttons can be wired in series, with built-in logic allowing for clear indication of pushed button
  • Latching design complies with ISO 13850 direct (positive) opening operation per IEC 60947-5-1
  • Rugged design rated to IP65
Rope Pulls

Emergency Stop for Conveyors & Large Machines

Rope pull emergency stop switches, when used with steel wire rope, provide emergency stop actuation for conveyors and large machinery.

  • Available spans range from 6 to 100 m
  • Trip and latch switch models are available
  • Minimum switch life is 1 million operations
  • Heavy-duty switch housings withstand harsh environments
  • Switch activates if the rope is pulled, becomes loose or breaks
  • Design meets positive opening requirements for rope pull switches
Two Hand Control

An Ergonomic Solution for Machine Start/Stop

Ergonomic and robust solution for two-hand control actuation and safeguarding when interfaced with DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Modules.

  • Provides a convenient and economical means for two-hand control actuation when interfaced with DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Modules or comparable control systems
  • Offers ergonomic design for reduced hand, wrist and arm stress
  • Offers model with emergency stop button
  • Features bright LED power, output and fault indicators on STBs
  • Meets ANSI B11.19 and ISO 13851 (EN574) standards