Liquid in Container Detection

Liquid in Container Detection Image

Application: Detecting liquid in a bottle

Challenges: Bottle is opaque

Solution: Banner Engineering's QS30H20 Opposed Mode Sensor

Benefits: Powerful sensing beam burns through opaque plastic to detect the water

Detecting liquid in opaque containers has been a challenge for bottling industries. The contrast between the bottle and liquid is extremely high, but many optical sensors can’t burn through dark plastics or colored bottles. High excess gain is required for such applications, but such high excess gain will also easily cut through the enclosed liquid, thereby delivering insufficient sensing results. A sensing solution is needed that will be powerful enough to burn through the opaque container, but still detect the liquid inside.


Banner combined the technology of WORLD-BEAM QS30 opposed mode sensors, which provide high excess gain, with a 1450 nm infrared sensing beam—specially tuned to an absorption band of water, to create the QS30H2O Water Sensor.

In this application, the powerful sensing beam of the QS30H2O will burn through the opaque plastic of the container. At 1450 nm, water absorbs 1,000 times the energy of alternative wavelengths, preventing the beam from burning through the liquid within the container. The liquid inside will attenuate about 95% of the light, allowing for precise liquid detection.

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