Perimeter Guarding on a Tube Bending Machine

Perimeter Guarding with a Grid System Image

Application: Protecting personnel from the motion of a tube bender

Challenges: Stop motion of machine when person is detected

Solution: SGS Safety Grid System

Benefits: The grid is set far enough away from the tube bender so it has time to stop once a person or object passes through

Industrial metal tube forming is the process of physically manipulating metals to create pipes, tubing, or structures. Metal tubes need to bent for use as automotive parts, such as exhaust pipes, and an automated machine forms each tube to the predetermined shape. The tube bender's movement can be hazardous to any individuals that may have entered the work cell area. Selecting proper safety guarding equipment protects personnel from harm.

Safety Grid Detects People Entering Work Cell

Tube bending machines feature heavy moving components and sometimes heat which could seriously injure workers within the area. Safety light curtain products use sensing screens that guard harmful areas, such as machine access points and work cell perimeters, to prevent injury and machine damage. Light grids use fewer beams that can detect a body or torso entering the area but are not intended to detect anything smaller, such as hands or fingers.

SGS Safety Grid Systems, with two, three, or four beams, are used to monitor the perimeter of the work area. When the light grids are placed far enough from the hazardous motions of the tube bender so that the machine has time to stop if a person or object passes by the grid sensors. The grids have a maximum range of 60 m for perimeter guarding applications and are available with or without integral muting. The heavy-duty aluminum housing works well in tough environments and alignment and installation is simplified with on-board alignments lamps and indicators.

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SGS Safety Grid System
SGS Safety Grid System

Light grids are suited to a variety of access and long-range perimeter guarding applications. Uses 2, 3, or 4 beams to protect personnel and machinery.

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