Enclosure and Cabinet Lighting

WLS15 strip light illuminates a safety control panel

Light Up Tight Spaces for Faster, Better Work

Cabinets and enclosures require proper illumination for tasks such as component installation, maintenance, and monitoring. A maintenance technician needs a bright, ergonomic light source to wire relays and perform other tasks.

Enclosure lighting solutions from Banner Engineering provide brilliant, bright LED illumination and feature a compact, low-profile design, ideal for use in tight and confined areas.

Cascadable models, AC or DC powered versions, and a broad range of mounting brackets provide flexibility and simplify installation.

Challenges of Illuminating Cabinets and Enclosures

control cabinet
Tight, Dark Spaces Make Maintenance a Challenge

Cabinets and other enclosures often have very dim lighting, since the enclosure obstructs overhead lighting. Furthermore, setup and installation of cabinet illumination can be challenging since work areas have limited space and limited access to power sources.

However, maintenance staff needs to be able to see what they are doing to complete tasks efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.

Keep reading to learn about Banner's solutions for cabinet and enclosure lighting, or contact us to discuss your specific application. 

Solutions for Enclosure Lighting

WLS15 led light illuminates a safety control cabinet
Ultra Compact Devices for the Tightest Spaces

LED Light with Ultra-slim Profile

  • The new WLS15 Series is a professional grade LED strip light that makes it easy and very cost-effective to illuminate tight spaces for improved efficiency, productivity, and safety.
  • The space-saving design of the WLS15 enables installation in confined areas and very tight spaces. It has a slim 15 mm profile that will not obstruct sight lines or disrupt the work environment. 
  • The ability to cascade lights together combined with flexible mounting options, such as endcap mounting holes, snap clips, and a wide range of available brackets, simplify installation and wiring and make it easy to deploy and power one or multiple lights within a short amount of time.
A Better Alternative to Fluorescent Lights

Bright, Versatile, and Adjustable Strip Lights

  • Traditional fluorescents are impractical, difficult to mount and provide insufficient brightness to illuminate control cabinets.
  • In the application pictured right, four 570 mm WLB32 light bars were installed into each machine’s control cabinet. Pairs of lights were daisy-chained together and deployed contiguous to the cabinet entry.
  • The magnetic mounting brackets simplify installation and make it easy to adjust the position and direct light where needed.  Vertical mounting ensures an even distribution of light from the bottom of the cabinet to the top.
  • Hi/Lo/Off settings allow staff to adjust light levels and turn off lights when they are not needed, saving energy costs.
WLB32 LED lights illuminate a control cabinet
Focused Light Exactly Where You Need It

Spotlight with Optional Flex Arm

  • In some applications, a strip light alone may be insufficient to illuminate every dark crevice in a cabinet or enclosure.  A portable solution may also be needed to direct light to a specific location. 
  • The spotlight can also be placed and re-positioned inside of metal cabinets with magnetic mounting options.
  • An LED light distributes even illumination with no shadows.

Featured Products

WLS15 low profile, low power LED strip light
WLS15 Series

Low Profile, Low Power LED Strip Light

A low-profile strip light with a sleek design used to enhance visibility in a broad range of applications for workspaces and machines.

  • High Intensity models available with double the lumens of standard (24 V dc only)
  • Low-profile design for easy installation in tight spaces
  • 12 or 24 V dc operation in standard and dual color models
  • Completely sealed with an IP67 rating for use in wet or dusty environments
  • The rugged construction and polycarbonate shell resists shock and vibration while remaining lightweight
  • LED lighting technology saves energy and minimizes replacement costs
  • Draws less current than other lights for a low power device and high energy savings
  • Offers stability in the presence of line voltage fluctuations
  • Dual-color models with EZ-STATUS® combine illumination and indication in one light fixture
WLB32 Series

Adjustable LED Strip Lights

Banner’s WLB32 is a bright LED fixture that features an even light output to eliminate glare.

  • Energy efficient for overall cost savings
  • High/Low/Off switch allows users to customize light levels
  • Available as cascadable models for a continuous length of lighting, with a minimum of wiring
  • Metal housing, shatterproof window
  • Easy installation with snap clips, or a choice of magnetic or angle brackets
  • Available in AC or DC models
  • Available in 285 mm, 570 mm, 850 mm or 1130 mm
  • Motion detection models are ideal for locations that cannot use a physical switch or where the placement of the switch is not useful
  • Models featuring an eye shield window block direct line of sight to the domed window to increase eye comfort
WLB32 LED workstation light
WL50-2 spotlight

WL50-2 Series

LED Work Light and Optional Flex Arm Mount

Designed for enclosure or area lighting to illuminate a large area with an even pattern of light and no shadows.

  • Designed for enclosure or area lighting use with an optional flex arm mount for adjustable, industrial task lighting
  • Standard or push-button models available
  • Flat-mount or 30 mm base-mount models available
  • Rugged, sealed polycarbonate housing rated to IP69K (standard models) or IP67 (push-button models)
  • 12 to 30V dc operation
  • Cabled and quick-disconnect models available
  • Low power consumption less than 3 watts

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