Small Parts Counting

Small Parts Counting Image

Application: Counting hardware that is being packaged

Challenges: Very small pieces moving at a rapid speed

Solution: The DF-G1 Series Fiber Optic Amplifier

Benefits: Threshold and timing can be adjusted for various part sizes

Nuts, bolts, screws or other hardware pieces can be difficult to detect due to small size, but it is vital to count each item during manufacturing to ensure each package has the correct amount. The feeder bowl rapidly supplies the conveyor with hardware pieces during the packaging process.


Banner Engineering's DF-G1 Series amplifier provides a simple setup and calibration for small part counting applications. Once the amplifier is setup, the easy-to-read digital dual display allows for simple operation because it shows the signal level and threshold simultaneously.

With an intuitive user interface, operators can easily gather data and ensure the correct amount of small hardware pieces goes in each package. The lever action fiber clamp also provides stable and reliable fiber clamping, reducing installation time.

The expert TEACH and SET methods ensure optimal gain and threshold for all applications. The threshold and timing can be easily adjusted for various part sizes, which is ideal for small part counting of hardware pieces. Thermally stable electronics minimize production delays due to warm-up drift, and allow multiple amplifiers to be mounted side-by-side.

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DF-G1 Series General Purpose Fiber Optic Amplifier

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