Counting Multicolored Reflective Packages on a Conveyor

Application: Count tea bag packages moving down a conveyor

Challenges: Reflective and wrinkled packaging

Solution: Banner Engineering's Q4X laser sensor

Benefits: The Q4X was designed to detect items with a variety of colors and reflective surfaces

Q4X Shiny Tea Bag Detection

The manufacturing and verification process of packaged goods is increasingly becoming more complex. The various types of packaging used can include shiny, glossy, or other unpredictable surfaces. For instance, reflective, multicolored, and wrinkled material such as foil or film is frequently used in food and beverage packaging and can cause inconsistent readings. In this particular application, tea bags are traveling down a conveyor belt before they are packaged. The individual tea bags can be difficult to detect with many sensors. To ensure individual tea bag packets are going into the correct tea box, it is vital to verify packaging and count tea bags as they go down a conveyor.

Getting an Accurate Product Verification and Count for Multicolored Targets

Banner’s Q4X laser sensor accurately detects targets of multiple colors, including reflective and wrinkled materials. Multicolored, reflective tea bag packages can easily be detected with Banner’s reliable and durable Q4X laser sensor.

As tea bags move down the line, the Q4X detects the multicolored target for an accurate product verification and count.

The Q4X provides reliable sensing on even the most challenging targets, such as black parts on black backgrounds, and is extremely durable with a stainless steel housing that resists mechanical impact, vibrations and over tightening.

The Q4X laser sensor provides reliable sensing from 25 to 300 mm with best in class excess gain and has an angled, four-digit display with a submillimeter resolution that is easily viewed from multiple vantage points. The display provides clear user feedback for easy setup, and has a bright output indicator for high visibility of sensor operation.

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