High-Quality LED Lighting for Workstations

High-Quality LED Lighting for Workstations Image

Application: Well-lit workstation for task lighting

Challenges: Lighting only needs to be used when workers are present

Solution: WLB32 Industrial LED Light Bar

Benefits: Has a Hi/Lo/Off switch, brighter and longer lasting than fluorescent lighting

Operators need highly bright illumination in workstations to accurately and efficiently complete tasks. For workstations that need multiple lights, having an LED light with a switch that allows operators to adjust the lighting level as well as turn lights off when finished helps reduce overall energy costs.


Banner’s WLB32 Industrial Light Bar is ideal for workstations. With a Hi/Lo/Off switch, operators are able to control the lighting level and are able to switch the LED light bar off when they are done. The WLB32 provides workers high brightness with even light output and enables numerous tasks in a workstation, including working on a computer.

Banner’s LED lighting is an ideal replacement for conventional fluorescent lighting, by providing an overall ergonomic environment for workers. The LED industrial light bars are brighter, more energy efficient and longer lasting than fluorescent lighting.

LED lighting provides a directional effect, which allows for more efficient use of lighting for workstations. While fluorescents disperse light 360⁰, the LED light bar has a 120⁰ beam angle, providing illumination exactly where needed. Banner’s LED lights also turn on immediately to full brightness and dim without changing color.

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