Heat Sealing Solutions for Food Packaging

After trays are filled, they need to be sealed. Heat sealers apply plastic film to multiple conveyor lines of trays by using a web of film to cover the trays. The film is cut and adhered to the trays by the heating element, which is lowered to meet the trays when they are in position. The leftover film on the web then continues on and is spooled onto a waste reel.

These types of machines present multiple opportunities to keep production efficient and throughput high. The roll diameter of the film must be monitored to make sure that product does not run out or jam and result in costly downtime.  Accurate roll diameter monitoring allows timely replacement of rolls before they run out, but not too soon so that excess material is not wasted.

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The portion of the web that has material cut from it is weakened. The web must be monitored for breakage to ensure that trays do not leave the process without being properly sealed. 

Clear object detection is a common challenge on food line applications such as tray and web break detection. The food trays and heat sealer film is often a transparent material, which can be challenging to sense correctly. Banner has multiple products with advanced technology to that make clear object detection easy. Alerting operators of any errors, jams, replacements, or breaks is also easy with a variety of bright LED lighting and indication solutions.

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Safety of a Plastic Film Heat Sealer
Safety of a Plastic Film Heat Sealer

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