Slot, Label and Arrays

Slot sensors, sometimes called optical fork sensors because of their "forked" shape, detect objects that pass between the two arms—one with the emitter, the other with the receiver. The fixed slot width provides reliable opposed-mode sensing of objects as small as 0.30 mm.

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  1. LX Part-Sensing Array provides wide area detection used for detecting small parts on conveyors, part ejection verification and leading edge detection.

  2. The SLE5 is a rugged, industrial label sensor for single-layer and multilayer label detection, IP65 rating for harsh environments, and flexible mounting options.

  3. SAB Sensor Array Bar features QS18 sensors inside heavy-duty aluminum housing provides reliable array measurement with easy alignment.

  4. Rugged metal sensor detects objects that pass between the opposed-mode emitter and receiver. Easy to mount, powerful optics with small effective beam.

  5. Pick-to-Light sensor reduces missed parts for increased quality and reduced production costs. PVA provides most reliable solution for error proofing.

  6. PVD Pick-to-Light Sensors are compact, one-piece solutions useful in many part assembly, pick-to-light and error-proofing applications.

  7. Highly visible pick and mis-pick indication with mounting versatility.

  8. The SL10 and SL30 are a fixed-distance slot sensor with a 10mm and 30mm-wide sensing slot. Easy to mount small effective beam sensor.

  9. The SLE10 Expert and SLE30 Expert are teachable fixed-distance slot sensor with a 10mm and 30mm-wide sensing slot with fast response time.

  10. High-speed, high-precision label sensor. Adaptive Digital Logic learns label characteristics, enabling it to reliably detect minute differences.

  11. Banner’s Through-the-Roller sensor bar provides reliable detection with reduced installation time and cost. It reliably detects very thin or irregular objects from between the conveyor rollers. The TTR features quick installation of up to seven diffuse sensors spaced across the conveyor width.