Status Indication on Driverless Vehicles

Autonomous Shuttle Bus Application Image

Customer Requirements: Status indication on an autonomous shuttle bus

Solution: K50L Series Domed Indicator

Why Banner? Multicolor Indication - K50L domed indicators display three different colors and switch effortlessly between each one for clear status indication

Customer Benefits

Rugged and Water Resistant – K50L domed indicators are fully epoxy encapsulated and rated IP67 and IP69K for wet outdoor conditions

Long Lifespan – Indicators with LED technology are low-power and long-lasting, requiring less maintenance and repairs than traditional lights

Self-Driving Buses for Short Distance Commutes

Autonomous vehicle technology is rapidly developing and growing in popularity around the world. Self-driving cars and shuttles may have seemed unlikely in the past, but automation advancements, plus a renewed interest in environmental concerns and accident reduction, have reinvigorated autonomous technology. Vehicles now have the capabilities to sense the surrounding area and navigate to its destination without driver navigation.

A high-tech startup in Europe, focused on software-powered autonomous vehicles and smart mobility solutions, introduced a driverless shuttle bus that carries up to 15 passengers at a time at maximum speeds of 10-15 mph. The shuttle buses provide transport over short distances, such as pedestrian city centers, airports, residential communities, amusement parks, or even parking ramps and lots. They are 100% electric and operate on fixed or on-demand routes, with minimal changes to existing infrastructure.

Shuttle Operates in Changeable Outdoor Conditions

Autonomous vehicles would cause accidents and other mistakes without proper collision avoidance systems in place. Typically, collision avoidance systems will detect objects in front of the shuttle bus so that it can begin to slow down and brake to avoid accidents.

Indication is an important feature of collision avoidance so that operators and users can see status changes as they occur. However, lighting on shuttle buses faces many difficult challenges. The buses are fully operational for outdoor environments and weather conditions, and lighting fixtures need to be rugged and water resistant to work properly in a variety of weather conditions. Frequent failure of indication systems could lead to more downtime for maintenance and drive up repair costs.

Sealed LED Indicators Provide Bright Changes in Vehicle Status

Banner Engineering’s most popular indicator light, the K50L domed indicator, is placed on the exterior of each bus to show changes in status. These lights are rugged, cost-effective, and rated IP67 and IP69K for high-pressure washdowns. The self-contained and fully epoxy encapsulated lights are protected from the elements and use long-lasting LEDs for long-term use. The 50 mm dome can display up to three bright colors and provides easy-to-see shuttle indication.

Using a K50L indicator on the front of the self-driving buses is a simple way to provide clear indication to people outside of the bus. When an object is detected by the collision avoidance device and the shuttle begins to slow down, the K50L light changes colors or flashes to show the appropriate bus status. The bright LEDs are easily visible, feature a 3-in-1 color display, and last longer and require less maintenance than standard lighting fixtures.

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