Illuminating Inside A Cartoner

Illuminating Inside a Cartoner Image

Application: Frozen food trays can enter the cartoner incorrectly and jam the line

Challenges: Wash down environment and workers need to be able to see to fix issues 

Solution: Banner WSL28-2 LED strip light

Benefits: IP69K rated, LED lighting life of 50,000 hours


Illuminating the inside of a cartoner is vital to ensure the manufacturing process is running smoothly and efficiently. In this example, highly visible lights help light up the area where frozen food trays are being inserted into each carton.

Bright, Even Lighting Inside a Cartoner

Banner’s WLS28 LED Light Strips allow operators to identify frozen dinners that have not properly entered a carton and fix the problem with minimal downtime.

Their long-lasting and durable cool white light means they’re an energy-efficient solution for illuminating the inside of a cartoner. IP69K rated, they can handle frequent machine wash down procedures. With a life span of 50,000 hours or more, they provide a significant improvement in efficiency over fluorescent lighting. LED lights are also more directional than fluorescents, providing illumination exactly where it is needed and minimizing distracting shadows.

Cabled or quick-disconnect models with several mounting options are available for easy installation. Cascading light models offer convenience and meet wide variety of user needs. The lights are also available in diffuse or non-diffuse and have ON/OFF switch and non-switch models available.

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