Illumination for Visual Inspection on a Printing Press

High visibility is critical during inspection of product in flexographic printing. Proper illumination also assists in monitoring machine performance. Flexography involves a variety of inks and solvents, which makes the printing machine a Class I Division 2 hazardous area. The chemicals used in inks and solvents can be potentially dangerous and proper care needs to be taken when using factory automation products in these settings. Learn how the HLS27 LED Strip Light can be used to solve this application.

Safe, Vibrant Lighting in a Division 2 Hazardous Location

Lighting near a flexography printing machine is difficult because the ink and solvents create a Class I Division 2 hazardous workspace. The explosive chemicals used in printing have a low likelihood of being present in the immediate vicinity, so the bright HLS27 LED Strip Light is a great solution. Proper lighting on these machines is in high demand to ensure high quality inspection and efficient manufacturing processes. Without suitable illumination, operators can’t verify print quality or monitor machine performance.

The HLS27 uses bright LED lights in a sturdy aluminum housing and shatterproof shell that has water-resistant IEC IP66 and IP67 rating, for use in the harsh indoor printing environment. The strip light has a low-profile, space-saving design that conveniently fits into the machine without obstructing the equipment or the view. The slim light installs easily with stainless steel brackets and does not require any additional enclosures. Automatic temperature protection is also built into the unit to manage heat and protect product lifetime. If the light reaches anything above 50°C it will dim to lower the temperature to safe levels.

Eight different length options from 145 mm to 1130 mm give manufacturers more versatility when selecting lighting for use on the machine. Dimming and color options mean that lights can be selected to meet specific demands. Single- and dual-color models of the HLS27 are available as well as models with Hi/Lo/Off wiring or PWM dimming.

Benefits of the HLS27 LED Strip Light

The HLS27 LED strip light is certified for use in Class I Division 2, Class II Division 2, and Class III Division 1 and 2 locations.  Key benefits include:
  • Rugged, water-resistant strip light use bright LEDs to safely illuminate the inspection area.
  • The HLS27 does not require an additional enclosure and has a slim, robust design that fits easily into new and existing applications
  • Dual color models can be used for direct status indication, to supplement illumination with indication, or to provide colored illumination.  For example, a green light can create contrast to facilitate visual inspections.
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HLS27 Series Bright LED Strip Light for Hazardous Locations
HLS27 Series Bright LED Strip Light for Hazardous Locations

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