Illumination in High-Temperature Areas in a Paper Mill

WLH60 Illumination on Paper Machine Application Image

Application: Illuminating inside a heater on a paper machine

Challenges: Enclosure is high-temperature, and pulp creates a messy and wet environment

Solution: WLH60 High Temperature LED Light

Benefits: Operates in extreme environments that can reach up to 100°C


Pulp and paper manufacturing facilities are generally very messy environments and combine multiple complex machines. The process of making paper involves very fine wood pulp, chemicals, and lots of water to prevent the sheets from tearing. The damp atmosphere and pulp buildup can easily damage standard industrial equipment. 

Heaters or dryers are used throughout the paper-making process to dry out the sheets and set any chemicals that were used. Illumination inside the heaters makes it easier to see inside the machine for cleaning and maintenance, but the device must be rugged enough to withstand the hot and humid air found inside of the machine.

High-Temperature LED Lighting Inside Dryer

When pulp is formed into paper sheets, the sheets are kept damp to prevent tearing during the remainder of the milling process which involves dyes, binding chemicals, and a variety of finishes. After all the setting chemicals have been applied, the paper needs to be dried out completely before it can move onto the final production stages, such as packaging. Heated enclosures can help with the drying process but are difficult to illuminate due to the high temperature, humidity, and messy environment.

Banner Engineering’s WLH60 LED light was designed specifically to work in high heat settings where traditional LEDs either don’t function or need to be replaced often due to heat damage. The heavy-duty light fixture features black e-coated aluminum housing to dissipate the heat and is approved for use in environments that reach temperatures as high as 100° C.

The WLH60 light is available with IP67, IP68G, and IP69K rated housing making it resistant to water, oil, and most chemicals. The housing can withstand high-pressure washdowns, which remove pulp and debris buildup on machines, and are also vibration and shock resistant.

• Heavy-duty aluminum housing for tough environments

• Easy alignment and installation with on-board alignment lamp and indicators

• Protected heights of 500, 800, 900 or 1200 mm available

• Up to 60 meter range available for premier guarding applications

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