LED Light Bars Outshine Fluorescents, Reduce Machine Build Times & Expenses

WLB32 Muti-Station Test Workstation Illumination (High_Res_PSD)

WLB32 industrial LED light bar illuminates multiple workstations on test equipment used in the production of fuel injection systems

Customer Requirements: Brilliant illumination of multiple work stations on large product testing machinery

Solution: WLB32 industrial LED light bar 

Why Banner? Performance – A single 570 mm light bar at half its possible intensity was brighter than a dual bulb two-foot T8 fluorescent fixture

Ease of Installation – WLB32 light bars did not require the addition of a special AC circuit as was required for the T8 lights

Customer Benefits

Reduced Maintenance – Energy efficient LED lights will illuminate for more than 50,000 hours, eliminating the need for yearly bulb replacements and reducing overall costs


An equipment manufacturer serving the auto industry received a build order for several custom designed testing machines used in the production of fuel injection systems. Each machine has six operator workstations. The company had used dual bulb T8 fluorescent light fixtures to illuminate workstations in similar machines.


To accommodate the T8 light fixtures, a special AC circuit had to be installed on each DC-powered machine, increasing machine build times and expense. Additionally, the fluorescent bulbs had to be replaced annually. The company wanted a cost effective lighting solution that would offer brilliant illumination, integrate easily into their equipment and require less time and expense to maintain.


A WLB32 industrial LED light bar is more efficient at directing light with a more uniform distribution of light than fluorescent alternatives. In a direct comparison, a two-foot long WLB32 on its dim setting outshined a two-foot dual bulb T8 fluorescent light. The company chose the WLB32 light bar for this deployment and Banner LED lighting solutions are now the standard for the end user as well.

WLB32 industrial LED light bars are available in AC and DC powered models. Integrating DC powered models into the machines allowed the company to eliminate the expense of installing separate AC circuits and reduced machine build times. By standardizing on the form factor of the WLB32, the company has the flexibility to choose the power variant that best meets the customer’s requirements.

These cost-effective LED light bars will provide continuous low-power illumination across their entire lifespan. The superior performance and longevity of Banner’s solution allowed the company to eliminate yearly bulb replacements for over 100 work stations on this deployment alone, providing the customer with more machine uptime and saving them the time and expense of replacing over 200 bulbs annually.

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