Long-Lasting LEDs Install Quickly to Illuminate Web Inspection Stations

WLB32 Web Inspection App Image

WLB32 industrial LED light bars provide brilliant illumination at one of the inspection stations at Hermes Abrasives

Customer Requirements: Vivid illumination to aid inspections of webs of abrasive products

Solution: WLB32 LED Light Bars

Why Banner? Performance - WLB32 LED lights provide superior illumination, will last longer and are more energy efficient than the fluorescent lights had been

Value - The Banner lights cost less and were easier to mount and power than other LED lights Hermes had considered

Ease of Installation - Magnetic mounting brackets, used throughout the deployment, greatly simplified installation

Customer Benefits

Longevity – Each WLB32 light will provide 50,000 hours or more of vivid illumination and will never require a bulb or ballast replacement, minimizing maintenance costs and keeping the inspection stations running


Hermes Abrasives is a leading supplier of coated and bonded abrasives. Their products are used to shape and finish materials such as metal, wood, glass and plastic for manufacturers. Defects on abrasives can damage these materials.

Multiple inspection stations are set up throughout Hermes’ production facility. At each station, webs of abrasive products are continuously inspected and any defects mapped.

“Our requirements for quality have grown with our customers’ needs. Any defects that get out into the field are unacceptable.”  

“Lighting is one of the easiest solutions I can provide to help my team improve their inspection capabilities.” 

- Eric Teunis, Production Manager, Hermes Abrasives

WLB32 Lighting for Web Detection Image


Fluorescent lights used to illuminate the webs were bolted onto and hardwired into inspection station machines. The lights required two to three bulb replacements each year, as well as periodic ballast replacements. Between bulb replacements, the lights gradually lost intensity and began to discolor, making inspections more difficult. Repeated replacements strained bulb holders, causing them to break off, which necessitated the replacement of the entire fixture. As maintenance complexity grew, so did the time and expense required for each repair


In a direct comparison, the Banner lights outshined the fluorescent fixtures. They provided intense, daylight white illumination that distributed evenly across the inspection area. WLB32 LED lights have a 120° beam angle which directs the light toward the inspection area. The fluorescent lights distribute light all around at 360° from the bulbs. Competitive LED lights were considered. However, these were three times the price of the Banner lights, required a separate power supply, drew more amps and had to be hard mounted to the machines.

Unlike the fluorescent fixtures and the competitive LED lights, the WLB industrial LED light bars did not have to be hard mounted or wired into the machine. At most of Hermes’ inspection stations, the power supply to the fluorescent lights was simply cut, the fixtures removed and a plug was attached to the power cord. Two 1130 mm WLB32 LED lights were then installed on the machine using magnetic mounting brackets. After the first light was plugged into the machine, a second light was daisy-chained to it.

        “All the Banner fixtures that I am using right now I have mounted using the magnet brackets. The installation is just so quick and easy, I could put ten of them up in an hour.”

  -Eric Teunis, Production Manager, Hermes Abrasives


WLB32 industrial LED light bars have an operational lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. They will continue to bring brilliant illumination to the inspection area throughout their lifespan. With no bulb changes or ballast replacements required, Hermes will reduce maintenance expenses and increase inspection station uptime throughout their facility.

        “It has been like night and day from where we were six months ago to where we are today. You walk into an inspection station and it is like the sun is shining.”

-Eric Teunis, Production Manager, Hermes Abrasives


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