Depalletizer Guarding with Muting

Depalletizer Guarding with Muting Image

Application: Guarding a depalletizer

Challenges: Maintaining a continuous flow of pallets

Solution: LS-S Series Heavy Duty Type 4 Emitters and Receivers

Benefits: Muting capabilities maintain high safety standards while allowing for a free flow  of pallets

When pallets enter a depalletizer station, it is important to maintain a continuous flow of pallets for efficiency while safeguarding the area due to robot operations.


Banner Engineering’s LS-S series is ideal for depalletizer stations with robots because the screens ensure safety standards are maintained while allowing for a free flow of pallets, increasing throughput.

LS light curtains are intuitive, easy-to-use safety devices used for machine safeguarding. They are built to withstand challenges commonly found in manufacturing and packaging environments. They allow for the pallet skid to be transferred without shutting down the conveyor or robot cell, helping optimize product flow throughout the distribution center. There is a timing function set at a constant speed that allows for a continuous flow of pallets.

LS-S models require no PC software, DIP switches, or other devices for quick, easy configuration. Highly visible alignment indicators and intuitive diagnostics simplify setup, facilitate troubleshooting, and minimize system downtime. LS-S models are extensively FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) tested to establish an extremely high degree of confidence that when properly installed, no system component, even if it should ever fail, can cause a failure to danger. Because of the dual screen technology, EZ-SCREEN LS sensors are highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash, and strobe light.

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LS-S Series Heavy Duty Type 4
LS-S Series Heavy Duty Type 4 Emitters and Receivers

Banner Engineer's EZ-SCREEN LS light curtains are now available as independent components to give you the ability to customize your EZ-SCREEN for specific applications via an individual part selection process. The emitters and receivers are now available for individual sale as "-S" models.

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