Dual-operator Robotic Work Station

Dual-operator Robotic Work Station Image

Application: Safeguarding large robotics

Challenges: Large spaces typically require many cables and hardware which can create excess clutter

Solution: EZ-SCREEN LS Safety Light Curtain

Benefits: Automatic cascade feature reduces the amount of accessories needed for assembly

To expedite production processes, manufacturers often deploy robotics for procedures that include welding, adhesive dispensing, and packaging. Where possible, it is common to design a robotic work cell with two operator stations to reduce downtime related to feeding and removing product. This setup often requires an excessive amount of cables and hardware for proper installation. An advanced safeguarding system that can guard against two hazardous areas without cluttering the workspace is needed.


Banner Engineering’s EZ-SCREEN LS is able to address the challenges of safeguarding multiple access points to a hazard with its automatic cascade feature. This advanced feature allows up to four light screen sets, of any size and resolution, to be connected in a series with as few as one cable to lead back to the control cabinet and one single dual channel safety interface, saving panel space. The EZ-SCREEN LS does not require DIP switch configuration or external programming devices and the automatic cascade feature makes installation very straight forward, saving manufactures time and labor during setup.

Additionally, EZ-SCREEN LS cascade light screens are all capable of being placed anywhere in the series string without requiring unique model numbers that are dependent on the position. They can also be deployed as a standalone system which reduces the quantity of spare inventory needed to sustain the system and the cost associated with building up spare inventory. The EZ-SCREEN LS comes with clearly visible alignment indicators along the length of the receiver window, has intuitive diagnostics, is extremely robust, and has an impressive 12 meter range, ensuring ease of maintenance and reduced cost during use.

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