Safety Light Screens Guard Operators from Sweep Bar

Safety Light Screens Guard Operators from Sweep Bar Image

Application: Guarding depalletizer that is equipped with a sweep bar

Challenges: Finger and hand detection is required

Solution: EZ-SCREEN Low Profile Safety Light Curtain

Benefits: Light screens are available with 14mm resolution between beams

In order to remove layers of stacked bottles from pallets a depalletizer utilizes a sweep bar. As slip sleeves get removed from the pallet, a sweep bar extends out and transfers the bottles onto the beginning of the production line. The physical motion of the sweep bar machine is extremely dangerous and the area needs to be guarded to prevent unnecessary injury to factory workers.


The EZ-Screen LPs Type 4 Safety Light screens guard the operators of a depalletizer from the motion of the sweep bar. To guard individuals from the sweep bar, a 14mm resolution between beams prevents access and injury. If an individual or item breaks the beams of the EZ-Screen, the sweeping motion will stop to prevent harm.

The low-profile design of the light curtains allows for easy installation along a machine and does not require a PC or additional equipment for setup. Mounting options include side brackets, which allow for no “dead zone”, or area that remains unguarded. The EZ-Screen LPs provide response times as fast as 8 milliseconds with detection ranges up to 7m and features a space-saving, compact profile.

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LP Series Full Feature Compact Type 4 Safety Light Curtains
LP Series Full Feature Compact Type 4

The space saving, compact housing is ideal for smaller machines and constrained areas. Models available in 14 & 25 mm resolutions and up to 1250 mm (4.1 ft) lengths with no dead zone.

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