Log Measurement

Log Measurement Image

Application: Measuring length of log before entering the cutting machine

Challenges: Logs vary a lot in length

Solution: EZ-ARRAY Measuring Light Screen

Benefits: Available in lengths up to 2400 mm

In log cutting processes, logs of different length may enter the cutting machine. The length of the log must be determined before it is cut so that the machine operator can choose the correct size and number of cuts in order to minimize the amount of wasted material. A measurement solution is needed that will determine the lengths of varying logs.


In this application, an EZ-ARRAY measuring light screen is being used to measure the length of the log. The EZ-ARRAY determines the total number of beams that are blocked by the log and communicates the length of the log to an operator station by sending the information to the system controller in the form of a MODBUS RTU-485 output. The operator station controller then provides a number of options to the operator, who selects which cuts are made.

EZ-ARRAY measuring light screens are available in lengths up to 2400 mm (94.5”), making them ideal for applications where the length of the object to be measured is unknown, such as this one. The aluminum housing is compact and rugged for demanding applications.

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EZ-Array Series Measuring Light Curtain
EZ-Array Series Measuring Light Curtain

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