Non-Contact Fill Level Verification

Non-Contact Fill Level Verification Image

Application: Ensure every water bottle is filled to the required fill level

Challenges: Difficult to consistently detect the top edge of clear water in a variety of bottles

Solution: Banner QS30 H2O sensor employs a unique LED that can detect clear liquids

Benefits: Regardless of the bottle color or texture, the QS30 H2O sensors will see the clear liquids inside. 

In order to maintain product consistency and customer satisfaction, liquid levels in water bottles must be verified. A sensor that can reliably detect water through a wide variety of bottles is needed in order to accurately determine fill level.


Banner’s QS30H2O sensor is a specialized sensor developed to address challenges with optically sensing the presence of water and water-based liquids. The QS30H2O operates in a through beam sensing mode and the emitter uses a wavelength that is tuned to the absorption band of water – this enhances the contrast on the application.  The high excess gain of the sensor makes it powerful enough to burn through an assortment of plastic and glass containers while still being able to detect the water inside the container.

The QS30H20 works in conjunction with the QS30ELVCQ Clear object sensor.  The QS30ELVCQ triggers the PLC to read the QS30H2O signal.  If the output is on, then the water is at or above the minimum fill level, and if the output is off then the water level is too low and is rejected. 

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