Landfill Leachate Pump Cycle Counting

Landfill Leachate Pump Cycle Counting


Leachate removal from a landfill well is a primary function to guarantee consistent landfill gas production. The types of pumps vary and may be standard electrical pumps, eductors, or pneumatic pumps. It is typical for all these pumps to be installed with a totalizing counter mounted at the top of the well head to monitor the pump cycles and to calculate the total volume of leachate removed from the well.

For most current installations, this counter is read manually. Instead of manually collecting the pump count data, use FlexPowerâ„¢ Counter Nodes to wirelessly send data from the pumps back to a central control location to save time and eliminate errors.


A FlexPower Counter Node mounted to the well head can accurately count the pump cycles and wirelessly send this information back to a central control location.

The control system can use this count information to determine when the pump is in operation, calculate leachate extraction volume, and schedule maintenance on the pump.

For difficult topologies, SureCross Data Radios can be used to transmit data over obstructions and extend the range of the DX80 sensor network.

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