Monitoring Machine Run Time at a Plastics Manufacturer


The operations manager at an injection molding factory wanted to monitor and reduce downtime during set up and maintenance. They bought a SCADA system, but had not run signal wires to each of the presses, which was necessary to get the information they needed to monitor downtime.

Running signal wire or network cable was going to cost more than $25,000. The presses did not have a network interface, so it wasn’t possible to simply drop network cables to get into the company network. Finally, the solution needed to be easy to install and maintain.

Injection molding in a large plastics manufacturer


The Performance Node PB2 board module was the perfect blend of cost, size, and function. The ease of binding and I/O mapping with the Gateways made installation seamless. The 1 Watt Performance radios made for a robust wireless connection for all devices.

Performance P8 Gateways were connected to the PLC in centralized control locations, with each Gateway collecting data from up to six PB2 Node board modules. The PB2 Nodes were installed throughout the facility to monitor each plastic injection mold press. The system is running well and providing the factory with the data they need.

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