Rope Pull on Conveyors

Emergency Stop Actuation on Conveyors

Application: Emergency stop actuation along a conveyor

Challenges: Long conveyor length and in busy factory setting

Solution: Banner Engineering's RP-LS42F Rope Pulls

Benefits: Spans of rope between 6 m to 100 m with bright LED visual indication for easy visibility

Beverage filling lines often require rope pulls - also called wire pulls or trip cords - as a means to provide emergency stop actuation for conveyors. Rope pulls allow operators to quickly and easily take action if an emergency occurs and the conveyor needs to be shut down. In order for the manufacturing line to get back up and running as fast as possible, a visual indication of the emergency allows operators to identify where a rope pull was activated and solve the problems efficiently.


Banner’s RP-LS42F rope pull switches run along the length of a conveyor so the operator can grab and pull it from anywhere to immediately stop the conveyor. Spans of rope range from 6 m to 100 m, providing the flexibility to safeguard long or short conveyors. The RP-LS42 switches are compact and have a variety of accessories available for easy installation and rope tension. They are also made with heavy-impact thermoplastic housing for use in demanding industrial settings.

When the rope gets pulled, it can often be difficult to locate the safety device in need of reset. Fortunately Banner Engineering has a visual indication solution. The Banner K30L EZ-LIGHT Rope pull series indicator can be mounted to the housing of rope pull switches. This allows for quick identification of the unit that was activated and helps the production line return to its normal operation as fast as possible. The K30 general purpose indications are compact and easy to install along conveyors.  They also display up to three colors for indication and are completely self-contained.

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