Shuttle Tote Positioning

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As today’s material handling processes become even faster with smaller lots, requirements to avoid damage increase with capacity. In order to ensure products remain undamaged, crash zones need to be detected and avoided. A solution is needed to ensure products stays in place while moving throughout the facility.


SB12 positioning sensors are placed on multishuttles in order to confirm that product stays within the safety zone and confirms a product is positioned correctly to avoid hanging off the “safe zone.”

SB12 sensors are cost effective and have cross-talk avoidance as well as light immunity, making them ideal for a warehouse environment. The compact size and easy installation makes them easy to place on multishuttle.

The SB12 sensors have a distance range up to 20 m and the sensor functionality of “beam-inhibit” mode forces the failure, allowing the operator to test the system before use.

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SB12T Series Narrow Beam Plastic Barrel-Mount Sensor
SB12T Series Narrow Beam Plastic Barrel-Mount Sensor

The SB12T series is small, easy-to-mount opposed mode sensor pairs cost effective for large volume applications.

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