Slip Ring Replacement with Wireless Solutions

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Application: Monitor Fill Level, Pressure and Temperature in the Bowl of a High Speed Filler

Challenges: Electromechanical Slip Rings are costly and time consuming to replace when they fail

Solution: DX80 Radio wirelessly transmits fill level, pressure and temperature to the control panel

Benefits: DX80 eliminates the need for slip rings, helping to decrease downtime and maintenance

Sensors monitor level, temperature, and pressure inside the bowl of a high-speed filler. Slip rings are used to transmit information from the stationary component inside the filler to the rotary component outside the filler. These slip rings are subject to constant movement which in turn leads to continuous maintenance in order to avoid degradation of the rotating electrical connection caused by normal wear and debris. When a slip ring fails, production comes to a halt and the downtime can be very costly


The DX80 wireless family provides a wireless solution that can provide battery power to an analog device, and transmit the analog signal indicating fill level to the filling machine.  This allows for the necessary signals to get delivered without the use of wires, hence keeping the fill station free of excessive clutter.  The DX80 wireless solution eliminates the need for slip rings, helping to decrease downtime and maintenance.  

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