Trigger Sensing on Printer

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Application: Communicate when a bottle is in correct place to be printed with date code

Challenges: Various colors or caps, high speed line, overspray of ink                               

Solution: Banner T18U Ultrasonic opposed mode sensor

Benefits: Ultrasonic immune to color changes, contamination and has fast response time

In the beverage industry, date/lot codes are mandatory on all products in order to identify when and where a product was manufactured.  Finding a solution that can accurately identify the bottle caps and then trigger a machine to print the date/lot codes onto the bottle is required.  


Banner Engineering’s T18U opposed mode ultrasonic sensor will provide reliable results in this type of beverage filling application.  In this instance, the ultrasonic sensor would be set up to detect the caps of the bottles as they pass by.  There are a wide variety of cap colors found in the beverage industry and our ultrasonic sensors will detect the caps regardless of color.  The T18U ultrasonic sensor uses sound wave technology instead of light and reflectivity, making it immune to color changes.  As the T18U recognizes the caps, it sends a trigger to the ink jet printer which then prints the date/lot codes onto the surface of the bottle.  Fortunately, this type of sensor can also withstand contamination from the ink jet printer while still providing consistent detection. 

This ultrasonic sensor also offers ultra-fast response time which works very well in high-speed applications that can typically be found in the food and beverage industry.  The T18U opposed mode sensor also highlights a T-style right-angle housing which allows it to be installed in tight spaces where other sensors may not fit.

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T18U Series Opposed Mode Ultrasonic Sensor
T18U Series Opposed Mode Ultrasonic Sensor

High-frequency ultrasonic emitter and tuned receiver for accurate opposed-mode sensing. T-style right-angle housing with 18 mm threaded nose.

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