Two-Hand Control Monitoring

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The stamping machine shown in this application presents a hazard to the operator should he come in contact with the moving parts during operation. A safeguarding solution must be put in place that guarantees the operator will remain a safe distance away from the machine while it is in use.


A two-hand control safeguarding system will prevent the operator from approaching the machine while a hazard is present. The machine cycle will begin only when the operator touches both Self-Checking Touch Buttons (STBs) within half a second of each other and will continue operation only as long as both hand controls are actuated, thereby assuring that the operator will remain at the control station while the machine is in use.

The diverse-redundant, self-checking design of the STBs will detect an internal safety-critical circuit fault and prevent machine operation. The AT-FM-10K self-checking two-hand control module provides further assurance of machine safety. Combining the Self-Checking Touch Buttons with a two-hand control module achieves maximum safety level EN 574 (type IIIC) two-hand control system.

NOTE: This safety solution only protects the machine operator. Other safety devices need to be in place to protect other workers in the area.

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STB Series Safety Touch Buttons
STB Series Safety Touch Buttons

STB self-checking touch buttons provide the highest level of safety for two-hand control input devices via redundant microprocessor and optical path.

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